Amazing musical things

Live music I love live music, and the thrill you get when you find someone or something new that gets your toe tapping, your shoulders twisting and your smile widening, is almost indescribably exciting.

Well, it just so happens that I have been on a bit of a whirlwind musical discovery tour lately and have earfuls of fantabulous artists that all deserve to be disseminated onwards, upwards and outwards. So without further ado...

Thank you for the music

I may be a little late to the party with some of these guys, but hey, better late than never...

Caitlin Rose. Beautiful Nashville with a modern cut. I was lucky enough to see her live in Oxford this last week, and she didn't disappoint. Not a joint-rocking rollock, but as entrancing and emotional as really good country should be.

Andrew Combs. Performing as a support act for Caitlin Rose, this guy is full-on country in a rather fabulous way. He performed his song 'Too Stoned to Cry' as a duet with Caitlin, and I couldn't help but smile.

Lana Del Rey. I know I've heard her name about. I don't think she's particularly obscure, but Spotify suggested her to me based on my recent listenings and gosh I'm rather glad they did. A dark twist, some sultry attitude and an album that I can listen to without the desire to skip a single track.

Solange. The sister to America's musical royalty, Beyonce, Solange's album 'True' is fun, funky and delicious. Enjoy it. I do.

Mogwai. So these guys wrote the soundtrack for the recent creepy French series 'Les Revenants', and that was my introduction to them, but they have done a lot more besides. Often instrumental, their tracks are calming and entrancing.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Ok. Definitely not new. I know. But I only finally actually listened to them in the last few weeks. Fascinating. More noise-scape than tunes, which oddly enough makes them rather good for writing to. I've heard they are rather transcendent live, and in November I shall find out for myself....

Keeping it local

Since I declare on Twitter that I am currently seeking out the new and the exciting in Oxford it would be remiss of me not to mention a few local gems too.

Brickwork Lizards. The said Lizards describe themselves as 'purveyors of the finest Turkabilly hip hop mashup'. Trust me, it works, and live the vibe is indescribable. So much bloody fun, but with some surprisingly beautiful numbers up their sleeve too.

The Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band. As you may remember, I saw and danced to these guys earlier this summer. They are a class act and absolutely no one could stay sat on their arses while they played. If you want some sexy, big-band, incredible clarinet, raunchy sax, Louisiana-esque singing and a bunch of sharp guys in suits, then this is the band you want to see.

The Knights of Mentis. Ever heard 'Saturday Night Fever' or 'Remix to Ignition' performed as a folky, acoustic, banjo-laced cover? Neither had I until I heard The Knights of Mentis. They write they're own stuff too of course, and again, are a band you really must see live.

Et voila. Go fill your ears and if you can buy some tickets, fill your eyes too.