Happy anniversary

Next week may mark the anniversary of this blog, but there is another pretty significant anniversary that needs to be noted first. In fact, the event being commemorated here helped lead to the launching of my first post. This autumnal month of October marks my first anniversary working at Articulate Marketing.

And it has been an amazing year; not least because I actually get to write for a living. I've met new people and gone to shiny new places. I've traversed new parts of London and Cambridge. I've attended events from swanky through to full on fascinating geek-fest. I've blogged about writing and working. I've been on a roll and I've stressed; I've learnt and absorbed vast quantities of information and I've had total systems failures. Of course I have, I'm only human.

But Team Articulate is an utterly fantastic group of supportive people who I have gradually got to know over this last year. We work hard, but it doesn't stop us laughing too. (It was my boss who recommended I visit the High Line in New York, which I would never have known about otherwise, hence the picture).

Best of all, I've worked hard and seen it pay off. I've felt both pride and humility, and am basically just incredibly grateful to have found this fabulous nook. So 'Cheers', and here's to another year of writing, learning and developing.