...And I'm home

Monday will mark the one month anniversary of my move. For the first time I am living in a place that is just for me and I absolutely love it. And not just that - I am living in an area that makes me smile every corner I turn.

Firstly, the flat

It is, as they say, small but perfectly formed. (OK except the shower where some mild contortions are occasionally necessary, but hey, it keeps me limber). I have an area to work, to relax, to eat, to sleep and even and extra spot to sit back in my armchair and read in the glow of my utterly fabulous (I will counter no argument on this) lava lamp.

So now I have a base that is safe, that stays the same between me leaving and coming back. Familiarity, flexibility and freedom: it's exactly what I've always wanted and it's bloody lovely to boot!

Stepping out my front door

Ok, I'll be accurate, my front door is actually a back door looking on to the luscious, green lawn of the shared gardens. It has become apparent that we have a couple of friendly magpies and squirrels who regularly drop by. But life outside the garden gets a little more exciting than that.

I have moved to the, (and I would say this not just my opinion) the bubbly, brilliant, hip (can I say that without immediately making it void?) and embracing East Oxford.

We have amazing Thai food, independent record stores, oh so many wonderful pubs (good god there really are so many fantastic places for a drink around here) and more. The streets are adorable, and the vibe always chilled out and importantly liberal.

A love letter

And so this post is my love letter to where I live. Full of music, food and new friends. With a Co-op handily placed at the end of the road, the river just minutes away and the gorgeous Iffley lock just a minute more.

Turn the other way and you have all the life and vibrancy you could wish for. And as it happens I shall be partaking in a tasty slice of that vivacity this Saturday night with the mighty Original Rabbit Foot Spasm band and their annual Christmas Knees Up. Fabulous.

So, my darling new home, I just want to say to you that every time I head towards you I smile, because I know that at last, I really am coming home.